We present you the essay Gleb Kozhakova, a participant in the contest #Pyshipsychologies. Gleb chose for himself the topic “How to survive in the office”.

“Each office has such an employee. Or a few if you are especially lucky. Yabeda and “I am a weak, defenseless woman,” Buller, lodge and a junk hammer not silent for a minute … Hoping that they will change is useless, but you can make life next to them more calm ”. (Ideas for an essay competition by link.)

There was a time in my life when I worked in the office of one large company in the center of Moscow. Having a certain experience, I arrogantly hoped that I would pour into any team without any problems. Indeed, with many colleagues I have established normal partnerships. The exception was one person. Alexey came to the company a month earlier than me and already tried his best to show himself https://www.therooseveltinn.com/lake-coeur-dalene-cruises. His fanatical commitment to corporate values and enthusiasm caused bewilderment even among experienced employees. We must pay tribute, at first he helped me. Then the relationship moved to another category. Having mastered, he began to behave as if he were my boss. At first it was amused, then I began to annoy me. I thought for a long time about what the reason for such changes. Reflecting on this, I tried a variety of models of behavior: I made stinging remarks addressed to him, provoked open conflicts and even tried to openly talk to him, then began to ignore. Noticing that they were neglected, Alexei tried in every possible way to demonstrate to me that he is more competent, has more experience and therefore I must reckon with his opinion and obey him. This option could hardly be called normal cooperation. Our business relations have moved to rivalry.

Once, on the way to the office, I thought about how to change the situation. Life experience taught me – sometimes events and people who so suddenly come to our lives bring us a certain lesson. For each he is his own. Without assimilating it or ignoring it, he threatens his inevitable repetition. Since it was pointless to rely on the fact that the people around him would change, I saw for myself a decision in making them as they are. It may seem too banal, but how effective! Having made an effort on myself, I changed my cynical manner to joke over him for a more friendly attitude. He began to take care of his requests, learned to listen and agree with his opinion. For him, such a turn was a complete surprise. Alexey was confused. And I was glad that after these months I managed to move on to cooperation with the man whom I had before dreamed of killing. Half a year has passed since then. During this time, I moved to another city and now work with other people. I remember the past with a smile. The experience gained did not go in vain. The main thing here is that I have changed myself.


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